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Flowher Pot Tea




FreeHer is our thoughtfully crafted blend that consists of Raspberry leaf, Butterfly Pea, Rose Bud, and Chamomile. This blend is the perfect blend to cool down on a hot day but also a comforting tea for cooler days. The Butterfly Pea gives this blend a beautiful blue glow, that turns to purple when citrus is added. Raspberry leaf is an anti-inflammatory that also supports with digestion, and Rose Bud is a beautiful reminder to give love to ourselves.

We believe that you should always have a calm, and clear mind in order to be ones true self! Our blends do just that, even if you are looking for a blend that boost your energy. All of our blends have chamomile in them, not only is it delicious it's the perfect herb to any blend.

*Always make sure you consult your doctor before consuming any herbs.

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